Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Start of the Finish

I've been inspired by catching up with old friends to start a personal blog that's aside from my art blog. I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to communicating, especially when a nod and a grunt will suffice. So here goes my attempt at actual blogging.

Edward is in Basic Training right now and I am a fresh new Military Wife, whatever that means. I actually had one of Edward's friends suggest I talk to his military wife to get advice. It kinda cracks me up. What could they possibly advise me to do. I don't think I'll fit in with the other military wives... but I don't really care either. This period of life is just a stepping stone to the next part of our lives. Albeit a 6 year stepping stone, but ok.

Anyway, I'm struggling with living apart from Edward again but I'm convinced we'll weather it.

It's my goal to be absolutely honest here about the personal things in my life... so we'll see how this blog fares.


Leigh Harris said...

Dearest Meridth,

I miss you! So, you are a military wife! Wow. Again, I miss you so much. I started a wee blog too, so hopefully we can keep in touch better via them. I love you.
Leebee x

Leigh Harris said...

Hallo! It's great to hear back from you. So, we're leaving at the end of April sometime...we're not sure of the exact date, but pretty much after graduation. No...we will not let you pack! TOO BORING! But, we would love to just see you if you are here when we are. We actually got a call today from a lady who wants to interview Ryan about Edward! Something to do with the job he's applied she's going to Ryan's work tomorrow for a wee bit to chat. She was a tad odd I have to say.
Anyways, em...Jack is great...walking around already, has been for about a month now, and it's sooo exhausting, but he's so cute and wee. Tia is actually going to babysit for me this Wednesday as I have to be a witness in a mock trial Ryan is doing....she is so lovely!
I've been trying to get in some art time here and there, but nothing too beautiful has been produced yet. I'm determined to keep trying though.
As for the backdrop... on my blog page this is a wee link that says blog backdrops and there is a bunch of free ones there that you can help yourself too.

k, luv you and speak soon,
Leigh x

Andersons said...

Yeah! I'm glad you have a personal blog so I can see what's going on with you. I had no idea Edward's in basic training - you must be going crazy being apart from him AGAIN! Where are you now - at your parents?

Meridth Gimbel said...

It does suck, but it's good for his future career. A pitstop if you will. I am staying with the folks, which has been interesting. It's the first time I've lived with them since the emancipated age of 18. It's okay... but living with Edward is much better. :)