Saturday, April 26, 2008

5 Freaking Years!!

So today is Edward's and my 5th anniversary. The second one we've spent apart. (Boo-hoo). But we'll see each other soon-ish. He sent me the most beautiful flowers. I adore tropical flowers and these dendrobiums, kangaroo paws and ginger are some of my most favorite flowers. I just salivate by looking at them. I have had the discussion with some dear friends that don't believe in purchasing or receiving something that dies. I, however, am a meat eating, flower cutting beast. I love flowers.


Andersons said...

Congratulations!! 5 years is quite the accomplishment and you guys have been through so much already! The flowers are gorgeous. How are you supposed to enjoy tropical flowers if they aren't cut and put into a vase in your living room? I always say that fresh flowers and good books are never a waste of money.

redstarmama said...

Right on, Jensa! I agree about that last line! Congratulations, Mer. Five years feels good, doesn't it? Even if you are celebrating separately. It sounds like you and Edward have had an iteresting life so far. I would love to hear the story sometime.

Joe said...

Too bad you made up the first two flower names. And ginger isn't a flower. It's food. I think kangaroo paws are food, too. Why don't you come clean and tell the folks you made it up?

Just kidding.

Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple with beautiful flowers. May you continue to get many, many flowers (with real or made-up names) for years to come. ;)

a gimbel said...

Congrats & Happy Anniversary!!
My wish for you is a year stuffed full of time together :)

Meridth Gimbel said...

Thanks all. You all were very sweet. Except for petulant Joe. I use to be a floral designer you know.

Hee hee.

I agree with you about books too. Books are too wonderful. I allow myself to go into Libraries and not Bookstores. If I walk through a bookstore I have to a least buy something... right?!

But anyway... I'm with you Casey... I look forward to time together. Let's hear it for spouse's that are roomies too.