Monday, August 11, 2008

Split Open and Melt

So I went to the SCBWI Conference (for Children's Book writers and illustrators) last weekend. It was fantastic! If you guys are interested in more details, feel free to visit my art blog. It was pretty exhausting and so very nice to be back with Edward and Radar. So we've had Radar for a little over a month and he's 15 weeks old. (So cute!) I thought I'd give you all a taste of what we've been living with:

Radar has the squattiest legs ever so it's taken us awhile to figure out his doggy gestures (like when he's doing his business... we pretty much can't see it... which can be a problem when you are potty training). Anyway, here's Radar ready to pounce on Edward.

Radar sometimes just starts speedily chasing himself around the house. It's pretty hilarious. I've been trying really hard to catch it on video but he usually stops when I pull it out. So here's a more mellow version of Radar's hyperactivity.

So apparently Corgi's ears pop up within the first 6 months. Cute little Radar had one ear pop up before the other.

He had his other ear pop up last weekend when I was gone... ok cheesy as it sounds it felt like he took his first steps without me. This is part of the "17 Mile Drive" in Monterey... so beautiful!

Here's one with Radar "smiling".
(I love our family :)


lyndsey + brandon said...

okay...that puppy is SO cute! i also especially love your black hair with the short bangs...very chic :) miss you.

redstarmama said...

1. I'm so glad you had fun at your conference.
2. I love your squatty dog.
3. I can't wait to see you and meet Edward on Saturday!!
4. Andrea is totally jealous. ;)

redstarmama said...

And I forgot...
5. You are a babe! I love your hair.

Megs said...

I just stumbled onto your blog I don't know how, but glad I did. Do you remember me? From the museum. You cleaned, I watched. Anyway, just saying hi. You both seem well, hope things are great!

Will said...

Awwww, good dog!

andrea said...

Okay, so your doggy is like fifty kinds of cute, and your hair is smokin'. For reals. Also, I am insanely jealous of you and Jenn getting to eat food together.

Megs said...

Yes, I'm in London. I graduate next month, then will probably kick it here for another year, working and traveling. What have you two been up to since I last saw you? You were here, right? How is your illustrating? Hope all is well! (How could it not be with a cute dog like that?!)

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

Ever since we left Provo I've been wanting a puppy - and Radar is only feeding the hunger! He is super cute. And I love the graphic you made for the breeder's site - you must have had some in home inspiration ;)

betsey said... and Edward look like twinners. I think that you are starting to look a lot a like here.

Can't wait to meet Radar, love the video. We are going to show it to Nora so she can get to know her cousin :)

Meridth Gimbel said...

You should have seen us in England when we had the same hair length. (Edward was the hairier one ;)

I can't wait for Radar to meet the nieces. I'm trying to train him around kids in our neighborhood. (He's been good... just a little puppy hyper)