Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Action Figure!

Well, not quite, but close.

So flashback to the year...2006 maybe? I'd just got accepted into the MA program at GIPIS and we were spending some time before I left with our great great friends Daniel and Christy Hughes. Somehow the talk got on to a perennial topic where Meridth and I are concerned: our mutual hatred of Bratz and Barbie dolls and that whole schtick. (I mean really, big surprise that!) I mentioned in jest that the only way I'd get our kid a Barbie was if she came with a rotary cannon.

Anyway, back to present day when I got done with basic and I finally moved back in with Meridth she presented me with a thoughtful gift from Daniel: this attractive action figure woman armed to the gills. Charming. I let is sit in the box for several months but I finally had to yank it out and have a lookie-loo. Wow! 'Destiny' is as cool as advertised. And I'll bet she can field dress a moose too.

And ah yes...lest I forget there was in fact a Sarah Palin action figure released. True story. I guess it's tapping into her 'bad-girl' 'librarian-gone-naughty' appeal. Yuck.


andrea said...

Uh, yeah. Bratz dolls. Me no likey. Or anything where a "Z" is substituted for an "S". It'z a pet peeve of mine.

Meridth Gimbel said...

Agreed. Anything that is missing a nose and makes up for it having Angelina Jolie lips is a no go.


Down with highly sexualized dolls for little girls.