Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last day of a four-day-weekend

So on the 11th Meridth and I went hiking. Cool, huh?

So this is about half a mile into the hike and the camera is facing North. Note the big rock with the arrow above it. It is a reference point. What does it refer to you ask?

Well here is the arrow again. Look how much smaller the lump of rock we were by has become. Are you impressed with our bipedal fortitude?

Last reference. It was a gorgeous day to be out. Warm and breezy by the ocean. Sadly RADAR couldn't come with. There aren't a lot of dog-friendly trails in the CA State Park system. Still California is awesome. Except for the fires of course. The trail we were going to hike were closed from the fires down here last summer. Boo.

Here's a rough outline of our course. The red arrow is the parking lot. The orange arrow is, in fact, the spot we pointed to earlier. The lump of terrain? Yeah. The mustard yellow spot is where we turned back inland. And green was where we turned left and started back for red. It was about eight and a half miles all told and we knocked it out in about four and a half hours. Lots of fun. Well worth the unsightly tummy-sweat.

Meridth found some things to love too.

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Autumn said...

I too am a fan of that Monterey Pine. I'm Jealous of your hiking adventures, I love the coast!