Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Okay. So I have this thing for stop-motion animation. It makes me want to cry I love it so much. I dunno what it is. Maybe it's the idea of a bunch of brilliant artists working together to create something amazing. Maybe it's all the textures. Maybe it's because the movie seems so real and tactile. I get beyond excited when a stop-motion movie comes out and as I've said recently, the fact that one of my favorite Children's Books is coming out makes me triply giddy. But I have to say that the PR for Coraline has really outdone itself. is updated and I think I spent a delightful hour (of time I didn't really have) maneuvering through the website. It is absolutely fantastic. There was one bit I couldn't quite figure out. In Mr. Jones' Study there is a piano, and I'm assuming you have to play something to get something... if anyone figures that out definitely let me know.

Alright I will nerdily sign off.


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a gimbel said...

I toad-ally love this post. Those pictures are hilarious. How do I get button eyes????
love- Ashley

I love those funny things. They are so funny.
from- Chloe