Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Raccoon Mafia

Yesterday morning at about 0445 I was on my way to work driving south on the CA 1 when a raccoon darted in front of my car. I hit him. I was a bit bummed out about it at first, but soon forgot about the whole thing.

Until this morning. Our recycling had been ravaged and raccoons had pooed on my Subaru. Although there are raccoons a'plenty in our neighborhood, they'd never bothered us until last night. Coincidence? I'm sure.

"We gots a message from Rocco da Mask! Dat palooka you whacked was made. There's gotta be consequences!"


redstarmama said...

Could you bring your Subaru to my house and hit some Aptos racoons? I'll stand the mob retribution here. I have a long-standing beef with the local population.

Also, "poo on my Subaru" is, while not exactly poetic, at least rhythmic.

Andersons said...

Those things are fierce! Personally, I'm glad the world has one less racoon in it. And I love that you labeled the post under "racoon mafia"...I'm looking forward to other posts on the topic. :-)