Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

So for those not in the know, we're naming our little girl "Ursa Adriana Gimbel" or "Uschi" for short. I have to say that Edward and I knew that this would probably be an unpopular name for our American friends and family. (Although it's quite a popular name in Germany). It's interesting though, because when you are great with child, everybody wants to know the gender and the name. We have had the occasional honest response of "I don't really like that name," a pursed lip or two, or an awkward silence. People not liking our little girl's name doesn't really bother me. I don't really like all the names that everybody names their kids, but that doesn't really matter because after the fetus becomes a child, the child whatever his/her name is becomes "Bobby" "Susy" or "Gertrude," not "that kid with a name I don't like." What really bothered me was when a few people told me that they wouldn't call our Uschi by her name (Uschi or Ursa). One loved-one told me that she would prefer to call her "Ruby" and the other told me that she was going to call our girl "Addy." I guess I would like all my loved-ones to know, that I didn't really ask your permission or advice in what to name my child. She may or may not like her name, and only time will tell with that one, but I find it interesting (and honestly a bit annoying) that some of the people I care for think that we're going to somehow change our minds because they wouldn't have handpicked the name for us.

Anyway... just venting.


Tim said...

Wow. That post definitely had a different tone than all your past ones.

Why do people think they get to make comments like that? Seriously. What did they think you were gonna name her? Tiffanie? Like the Meridth we know is going to have a daughter with such a girly girl disney princess-loving name. I like Ursa. It's a very strong and unique name. If she decides to be a writer she won't have to come up with a pen name - people will listen to Ursa A. Gimbel. They probably wouldn't be as open to "Ruby Gimbel." Good for you guys!

Meridth Gimbel said...

Yea. I'm a bit irritated, but I'll get over it. Edward is of course mellow yellow about the whole thing. Which is good. (I'll get there).

Thanks for the supportive response to my ranting.

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

I am sorry you haven't had the most positive responses. Choosing a name is hard, I think it would be great if they came with name tags - - seriously, deciding what I want to order at a restaurant is about as much decision making as I like to make.
You are so great for not letting other's sway you in your choice. I haven't had any real negative responses for naming our little boy Asa,. But pronouncing it a few times over for people and then spelling it is about all I can handle as far as resistance to his name.
I am excited to meet your little Ursa. She will be sweet and lovely and loved.

redstarmama said...

Personally, you get my vote for cool, cute, unique(in America, anyway) baby name. I like that Ursa is strong and feminine. Of course, my kid are named Declan and Greer. Most people call Declan "deeklan" or "de-CLAN", and they usually think Greer is a boy's name. Who are these lame-os?

Joel and Dacia said...

No one has any business telling you what you should or should not name your baby. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think it's perfectly fine to do so. That's why we are keeping the name to ourselves until our baby is born. What can they do once it's on the birth certificate? I guess they can still give an opinion, but it's completely pointless.

Sorry people are being stupid about this!

a gimbel said...

It's interesting Meridth. When we told people we were going to name your husband Edward Russell Gimbel, but that we would call him Rusty to differentiate him from his father, most people thought that it was really cute. Not Grandma Gimbel. She wouldn't call him Rusty for the first year of his life. She called him Edward, and addressed all his cards, mail, or gifts to Edward. She really resisted the name Rusty. Of course the laugh is now on me, as EVERYONE now calls him Edward.

Don't worry what anyone says. Uschi will be so cute and sweet and adorable that her name will come to stand for everything cute and sweet and adorable!

Love you,
Grandma Claudia

Meridth Gimbel said...

Thanks guys for soothing my irritation. I really appreciate it.

Claudia I had no idea (and apparently neither did Edward/Rusty). That story is a bit ironic. But I appreciate you sharing that. It's nice to be understood.

Will said...

What's in a name? Well, it took many years to fully appreciate my name. Nowadays it brings an instant smile to hear my given name. I'm sure Ursa will have awkward times with her unique name but the time will come when she will smile to know that whenever her name is said, she will be remembered (hopefully for "good")

Angel said...

I love the name Ursa. Don't worry about the comments. Everyone will love her, and forget they ever made them. I had several family members not like Forestal(middle name for Sam) and Ian(?)Can't figure that one out. Of course I love Emily's middle name-Meridth :)

Eston, Brenden and Janye said...

I love the name! Unique is unique!

So can I start calling Edward Rusty?

Meridth Gimbel said...

Seriously thanks to you all. I feel much better. (Uschi just kicked me in agreement).

Will/Willdon- I have to say I always loved the name Wildon, but Will fits just as well. I think most everybody has gone through a phase of not liking their own name. In elementary school I decided my name would be much cooler if it were Stephanie or Tiffany. As an adult, I'm really fond of my name. We'll see how Uschi feels in the future. I'm pretty sure that Edward and I will be fine with whatever she calls herself. (I do agree Tim, that Ursa A. Gimbel is quite a pen-name.)

Angel- I love Emily's middle name too! :)

Janye- Thanks and no ;)

JesseandJessieZawalski said...

Don't worry! Everybody told me not to name Jaycik his name because they said stuff like he would get teased and people would say Jaycik needs Lasik. But I named him that because I liked it! Now people get used to it. If they can't call her by her name then she's gonna ignore them everytime they try and talk to her lol. She'll be like they are looking at me they must be retarded they can't even remember my name. HAHAHA. lol.

Sharae Peterson said...

that's funny mer,(and rude on your families part) I hope people leave you alone once you have your little sweetness. She will probably love her name just like you like yours, different and unique.

Meridth Gimbel said...

Thanks Sharae :) I appreciate it. (Uschi says, in morse code, that she does too)