Friday, September 25, 2009

Special Guest Post

This is not Edward.

This is Natalie!

For those of you who don't know me, I've been friends with Meridth since we were freshmen in the dorm together at BYU. I'm visiting right now from the beautiful, buggy, muggy state of Maryland, and I came to meet li'l Uschi.

This is her.

And, I have to tell you, Uschi is one busy lady. She is always working on something, which shows hilariously in her face. I've never seen a newborn with so many facial expressions, although sometimes it's tricky to figure out what all her little faces mean. She has one that looks politely horrified that keeps making me giggle.

This morning, Mer called me excitedly into the room, because Uschi had done a remarkable thing. We tried to recreate it, and (amazingly) it worked. Uschi was on her front, having "tummy time," and Mer put her hands under Uschi's feet to that she could push herself forward. That itself shows an impressive amount of strength, but after pushing herself up, little Uschi was off balance, and she threw her arm up in front of her body to catch herself. It sounds like a fluke, but she actually did it a second time as well. This shows an extraordinary amount of coordination for a lady who is one month old tomorrow.

(We tried to do it a third time when Edward came home, but Uschi firmly pointed out that she is not a performing monkey puppet to do tricks on command, and politely declined.)

She also managed to stick her thumb in her mouth this afternoon. Tasty.

I've known Meridth and Edward for quite awhile, so when I was trying to come up with a gift to crochet for her, I decided to personalize it to what I would imagine their spawn would be like.

So, naturally, I made a pirate teddy bear.

It is named Cap'n Ursa, the Pirate Teddy. It's kind of dominating Uschi in this picture.

But she likes it. you can tell because she's smiling at me. 'Cause we're friends.



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