Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween for Weenies (Guest Post by Aunty Adri)

Yesterday we had a fabulous Halloween party at the Gimbel abode, filled with Wookies, Leah's and Obi Wan's with sneakers. I won't bore you with all the details. No body wants to read about those anyways... I'll just let all the pictures speak speak for us. Sufficient to say, we all had a glorious time and ate far more candy than a human stomach can handle.

But I must tell you the best part of the festivities (or at least the most memorable) had to do with Bobbing for Donuts. Strung across the large, low hanging branch/trunk of the Gimbel's tree in the front yard were a dozen or so donuts at various mouth heights. When the judge yelled go, all the children, and a few adults attacked the circular nuggets of sugary joy. It was quite hilarious and a bit awkward to watch. The result of the competition? David finished first. Rachel got donut stuck in her braces. And Edward ate 2 donuts.

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