Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Is Halloween.

This costume cracked me up. When we tried it on I couldn't stop laughing. I dunno. the idea of a baldish baby wearing hair was too amusing.

Anyway. We had a Halloween Party in honor of Uschi's baby blessing on Sunday.

We had lots of neat friends and family come out to consume fatty goodness and beat monster piƱatas to a pulp.

It was good and necessary.

Radar liked it. Especially since he got to dress up as a banana.

The End.


The Strode Family said...

I love it! SOOOO FUN! Miss you!

Angel said...

I love all the pictures, thanks for sharing. I can't believe you dressed up the dog-wait, yes I can. LOL!

Jeanette said...

Edward, is that a Captain Hammer shirt? We love you guys. And what an adorable baby!

Mike and Tia Fam said...

Too fun! You've got one cute wookie there! Can't wait to squeeze her.

cagimbel said...

Love the pictures. We miss you guys a little extra around Halloween.

Ben and Jane Grimmett said...

I'm in LOVE with the wookie!!! So cute! I wish we lived closer so our little girls could play! miss you!

Chantelle said...

The Chewebacca suit is hilarious! Love it. Your hair is also totally gorgeous!