Sunday, June 30, 2013

No! No! This NEEDS to be seen!

I posted this on the Facebook Machine yesterday. Didn't get a lot of feedback. And I'm not posting it IN ORDER to get feedback, but I really REALLY feel strongly about people seeing this. So I'm posting it again. Over here. On Blogger. Which I really only rarely use.

It's a weird video. I'll be the first to say that. This gal posts posts in which she doodles math, basically. And she's a 'personality.' And her singing is weird. But this post is FASCINATING. She talks about modernist composers use of 12 tonal scales (is that the right word?) and what that has to do with art, creativity, math, pattern recognition. All the interesting stuff!

So watch it. Or don't! See if I care.

Don't wanna watch that? Fine. I bet you'll watch this nonsense.

(Oh Jack Black, I can't stay mad at you.)

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