Monday, July 8, 2013

Nerdy Rantings of a Perturbed 'Magyk' Geek

So I found the Septimus Heap Series about a month and half ago and have gobbled them up. Stolen babies, hidden magical talent, sinister ghosts. I love it. Really.

And unfortunately I was slow to jump on the bandwagon because of visual prejudices. The cover looked totally boring.

Sorry a book looking like a book did not peak my interest.
And thanks to Harry Potter being the brilliant book series that it is, I figured that it was another shallow copycat. But fooled again by my bias, which is a serious handicap I have to admit, this book is an absolute must read for Harry Potter fans, but not because it is anything like Harry Potter. Wizards, witches yes, but this book has more similarities to the Prydain Chronicles. Lots of quests and adventuring, and no stressing out for those blasted O.W.L.s.

So basically I found another golden donut of the Middle Grade fantasy genre. (Hooray!) I have not been able to put these books down or read anything else. I have gone from the first book to book 5 and will not stop until the last two are read.

And being the nerd that I am, I looked up Angie Sage's bio, the works.  I read that sometime in 2008 Warner Bros. bought the rights to make a movie for the first book 'Magyk.' I just about imploded. This book series would make the best live action movie, and obviously there's an audience for it, right?! Oh joy of joys. Brilliant story and characters... something to really look forward too to help subside the awful drivel that is being released right now for kids and tweens (Man of Steel: Space Jesus couldn't get anymore boring. Desplicible Me 2 and Monsters University: Can we be anymore unoriginal?)

I was elated until 5 minutes later when I found this on Angie Sage's twitter feed:

Cookie totally crumbled. And I'm not okay with that WBs. Not at all.

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