Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tour of the House or Tales of the War Zombies

Welcome to our home, so nice of you to stop by. You're just in time for Club crackers and crab dip.

Oh! You've noticed our tastefully framed vintage Collier's cover art. Yes, funny story about that. I found a bunch of original newspaper and magazine art from 'round the turn of the century in the trash in the basement of the BYU museum of art a few years back. One man's trash and all that...

Here's the front room. It's big, but only because we don't have anything to put in it. >SHRUG< It's been nice having hard wood floors because our dog hasn't been 100% perfect in his potty training regime. (Although he's been near perfect over the last three weeks.) Let's see, what bought a used couch and a pair of book cases. It's still not enough to hold our millions of books. Note the horizontal bits beveling. Yikes. We've enjoyed living here. Good times sitting on the couch curled up with the dog watching reruns of Freaks and Geeks. Really weekends here seem to come pretty quickly. I'm working pretty hard, but the time does roll by.

Here's the kitchen. I'm throwing together a batch of Fluffernutters and Tang here.'s basically just a kitchen. Why don't you stroll down the hall while I get the marshmallow cream off of my fingers.

What I like about the place are the sundry gnarly trees both in the back and the front.

Meridth likes the location because it is a mere three minutes walk away from what looks like a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested deadzone. Observe:

Note the grass growing out of the gutters on the roof. Cool.

So why are there a number of abandoned military houses surrounding our neighborhood? Well, we live, really, in a decommissioned military facility that is in the midst of great changes. There used to be a number of units that were stationed in the Fort Ord area and there were also facilities for basic training as well. At any rate, the military is moving away from the Monterey Peninsula save for the Presidio (where I go to school) and the Naval Postgraduate School, located just east of downtown Monterey. Meridth and I still can't fathom why there should be such an abundance of truly eerie trash and bric-a-brac among these abandoned houses, but it certainly would make a picture-esque setting for a low-budget Mad Max remake.

So RADAR is super-cute and we pretty much love the crap out of him. This is him riding in the Subaru on our way downtown. Since we don't have friends (too busy, too nerdy) he hasn't had the chance to socialize too much so we'll occasionally go downtown or by the Fisherman's Wharf just to get him used to buses and ladies who want to squeeze him.


Andersons said...

Gosh, what a great visit we had! You guys are so hospitable.

Give RADAR a squeeze for me. :-)

BTW, is RADAR all capitals because it's an acronym? Or just because it's really important?

Edward said...

Thank you for the visit. We enjoyed your company. As to your inquiry, the answer is yes.

redstarmama said...

I am unspeakably jealous of your proximity to the zombie neighborhood. We might need to film an independent film at your location.

Also, we are your friends, and you can bring your dog-child to socialize with our human children. I'm sure they'll get along swimmingly. And we'll eat Greek. Greek food, that is. Not Greek people or in a Greek manner. I meant Greek food.

Meridth Gimbel said...

I was extremely excited at the prospect of cannibalization. Oh well ;)

Yes!!! Greek + dog + extremely cute kids + us as a collective whole= Fantastic!!!

Do you have a weekend in mind?

Will said...

So who is 'too busy' and who is 'too nerdy'? Maybe it's a trick question and the answer is just YES. Anyway, what a cool neighborhood and the other day I had the thought "I want a Corgie?!?"

Adriane the Great said...

"Going for a ride! Going for a ride! Ohh, there's a tree! Oh now a bird! I smell some turkey jerky. I'm going for a rid1! Goin' for a ride..." -Radar's inner monologue-

Mike, Tia & Annabelle said...

Creepy neighborhood. I like your apartment and wish I had wood floors for the same reason that you are enjoying yours.

p.s. I have the same table cloth as your little desk table. Are you surprised? I'm not.

Stephanie said...

I hope you check your blog often enough to see this... We are going to go out on Friday and you would be the life of the party, so I hope you will come... I was just about to leave my phone number for you to call and confirm, but I don't know about the company you keep, you crazy girl. So... let's be blogging friends and you can post on my blog.

PS - I have the box set of Freaks and Geeks and am always up for marathon tv watching...

Adriane the Great said...

command more Radar pictures and videos! I starve for them!!!