Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Season of Sequels: Part II - The Babying

By now many of you may have heard the vicious rumor that we birthed some strange goblinoid; a half-reptilian, half-cephalopodic man-beast from beyond the rings of Saturn. Not so. Observe the well-appointed stature of the above specimen. I think you will all find, or can be reasonably expected to be convinced, that this man-child is well within the parameters for a normal pupa-stage human, yes?

And before you ask, no, that orifice perched atop his jaw is not a lamprey-like, tooth-lined feeding tube, used to burrow through the chests of his victims, (see below)...
...nor is it to be used, as in the case of the Mynock, to attach the body to the plasteel cockpit of starships in order to frighten Wookies and droids alike, (again, see below)... is, however, utilized in the neigh-constant quest for nourishment. In fact, the pictured subject was observed to feed from its host successfully quite soon after this picture was taken.

In truth, the birthing process this time round was such a 180 degree difference from the birth of Felix' sister that it bears telling, though the biological nature of the details are best left to less public venues. Suffice it to say Meridth was inside the doors of the hospital a mere 15 minutes before the baby's birth, maybe 20 including the zombie-shuffle down that seemingly endless hall from the entrance to the maternity ward, and that my 1996 Subaru was five minutes shy of a proper Catholic baptism.

Beyond that, I'll let Meridth fill in what details she'd like in a later post. Speaking of the mum...

...doesn't she look superb? She burst several blood vessels and was absolutely convinced that she looked a wreck, but I'm still only pretending to be able to see them, just so she doesn't think I'm short-shrifting her pain. And me?

I'm not letting this one get in the way of my leisure reading.

We brought Uschi in today to meet Felix and the results were not unexpected.

"Buttons? I LOVE buttons."

"Hey Ed, Meridth! Did you guys see this? There's BUTTONS on this bed!"

"Look, I'm showing you a BED with BUTTONS, get it? I mean it looks like any other bed out there, but...y'know...buttons. Never seen anything like it. Bed. Buttons. Meridth, don't you get it?"

"Little brother? Yeah, whatever Ed, that's fine, but get a LOOK at this BED!

As long as we can take that bed home, they'll be thick as thieves.

Thanks for all the good wishes, yous guys. We can feel 'em floating in the ether. And since I neglected to mention the details that everyone always ask for:

We proudly announce the birth of EDWARD FELIX GIMBEL at 9:32pm central on the 12th of January 2011. The baby was measured at 8lbs. 4oz. and 22.5 inches long. Mother and son are in good health and great spirits. Father and sister are missing them both. They'll be home tomorrow morning and any visitors and well-wishers are welcome via telephone, text, email, tweet, Facebook wall posting and even in person.


Kelly Mahan Burman said...

What a beautiful family! Amazing! As aways I enjoyed the narrative! Love seeing that naming tradition continue. Many blessings.

Andersons said...

Congrats you guys! He's so lucky to be born into such an awesome family!

lyndsey said...

yay! congratulations! and what a great day to be born -- that's me & jack's half birthday! so when it's felix's half birthday, it will be OUR birthday, and so on and so forth. hooray!

redstarmama said...

Mer, you do look fabulous!

Uschi, good on you for calling mom and pop by their given names. Keep it up and enjoy those buttons!

Edward, well done you for siring such a fine specimen of man-child.

All of you, we miss you. A lot. Congratulations!

Kathleen McKean said...

The comparison with space creatures is creepy, oh, I mean CLEVER!!

How could anyone not think Felix is a great looking kid! -There's some McKean blood in there!

Mer, how about another? It only took 15 minutes!

Uschi, try not to drag your little brother around by his head. But if you ask nicely, I bet your Mom and Dad will let you blow rasberries on his tummy! (Do it for us, will you? We're a little out of reach.)

Love to all the handsome Gimbels! - Nick & Kathy

Ken Chandler said...

There's two good lookin' man-cubs! You do good work Meridth! Congratulations to you both.

Chantelle said...

Congratulations to you guys; he's a beautiful baby (not to take away from his manliness at all)! And Meridth, you DO look great! You really do. You're so impressive! 15 min in the, you must have done a lot of the labor at home. Miss you and hope you all are well!

Angel said...

Congratulations! We miss you!