Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sleep... Oh! how I loathe those little slices of death.

Hooray for Felix and Uschi. Two reasons why Edward hasn't seen the whites of my eyeballs for a few weeks.

Felix and Uschi are having a smashing time though. Uschi has is a conservative friend of Felix. She thinks he's cute, but incredibly boring.(Talk about snooze fest)

Uschi's really getting into picking her own clothes out and is a big fan of flowers on her head.

Even the hats have to have flowers on them.

We're happy to have our little nuclear family. One mom, one dad, one daughter, one son, and a dog.

We're also glad that at least some of us are getting some sleep.


betsey said...

YIPPPEEE! I love this and love you! Thanks for the update, we miss you guys!

Chantelle said...

So cute! Felix is adorable...congratulations! Your children are beautiful, which is no surprise as you are their mother! Hope you get some sleep (I'm definitely struggling with just one)!