Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is, of course, an outfit our little fashionista picked out for herself.

Uschi's been a mouthful of words lately. Thought you Ursa Nerds might like to know what she's been saying. (Or signing).

Good Girl - (Pronounced "Good Ga")
Mom (Just Mom thank you very much)
Da da (She also does the sign)
RADAR (Pronounced clear as crystal)
Dog - ("Goggy")
Ice (She LOVES to eat ice. We use to get daily requests for it)
Mas (Spanish for more. She also does the sign language for more)
Clock (Pronounced with a super light "l" sound)
Quack Quack ("Cack" "Cack")
Map (She learned to say this from that annoying map on Dora the Explorer)
Nat (Her uncle that is)
Bacca (My family's nickname for her Grandpa Nick. Pronounced "Bach")
She knows the sign for "Night Night."
She knows the sign for "All Done."
She knows the sign for "Drink" and "Food"
Amen - ("Ay Ma")
She knows the sign for "Light"
Bzzz (The noise a bee makes)
Goodbye ("Good ba")
Roar ("Raaa." What dinosaurs, big cats, bears, and angry people say.)
xylophone - ("zyle")
Banana - ("Naa")
Stitch (From Lilo and Stitch. Said as is.)
X - (For Felix)


redstarmama said...

She's rad. And I don't have a higher compliment than that.

Tim said...

She knows "yes" but not "no"?

betsey said...

I wish I would have done something like this for Nora. I forget all the fun things she used to say. I mean, she still is pretty funny and says cute things, but not as cute as zyle. That is awesome!

I guess I can still do this for Calvin, we'll see...

Chantelle said...

Totally rockin' outfit...tough chick melded with cuddly sweetness. Can't be beat! ( ; I loved the list of her words, too! What fun!

Liberty said...

Glad to see another update, but gotta say I loved seeing this picture of Uschi every time I checked in on you guys. :] You got some pretty stellar children.