Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ham and Cheese

So, like any normal loving but sleep deprived parents, we think our kids are tops. Here are some reasons why you just might wish you could be in the Gimbel family under age 2.

1.Felix. Felix is the ironman wonderboy. No kidding. He's been holding his head up since day 1. (Seriously, no lies.)

He is not interested in this thing called bending or curling. I'm convinced he has only one joint in his body. We hold him and he stands as straight as he can be, right down to his pointed tippy toes. When we lift him in the air, not one part of his body bends. He goes right into the superman position. It's pretty weird.

He's definitely a family man. He always likes to be held and can only stand with being put down for a few minutes.

But when he's being held by mommy or daddy, grandma or grandpa, he is ALL CHEESY SMILES. He is so incredibly happy. He even is a big fan of Uschi.And fortunately Uschi's a big fan of him. We thought we might have some jealousy issues, but she actually likes this strange intruder. Sometimes he's a bit boring. But we can't all be perfect.

Speaking of which...

2. Uschi. She's pretty much the hammiest kid I know. She goes out of her way to crack people up (as you may or may not have seen with the video of her laughing that I posted on facebook).

She just started doing this thing where she gives me this big crusty face that's so silly, I crack up.

Por ejemplo:

She got me laughing:

Yeah, she's funny...

...and we're pretty lucky.


Janet Johnson said...

Awwww . . . what cuties you have! So fun to see the pics of your family. Thanks for sharing!

betsey said...

ADORABLE! Keep 'em coming, we miss you guys (mostly your kids, sorry!) XOXOXOX

Airie said...

I did the same crusty thing when I was little. My parents called it "The Evil Eye." Your little ones are sooooo cute! Good luck on getting some more sleep! :)

Adriane the Great said...

Bahahahahah! I am dying! Uschi's crusty is beyond post worthy! I am putting it in a frame and hanging it above my desk with a caption that says, "Be good!" Maybe then people will stop bugging me!
p.s. I'm even more convinced that Fix looks like Nat! But he's got a lot of Connor and Uschi in him.
OH THANK YOU FOR THE PICS! This made my millenium!!!!

redstarmama said...

You need to either stop posting cute photos of your kids when you're so dang far away, or come visit me! I miss you guys so much, and Uschi is so big and I've never met Felix and Justin has lost his man-crush! Ok, I feel better now. I guess photos of cute Gimbels are better than no Gimbels at all.

Josh said...

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. So cute.

Josh said...

So cute I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.